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Silver : Silver has truly earned its own prestigious spot. It has climbed many a stairs and has become a glittering asset that everyone wishes to have in their lockers. This precious metal of late has made a lot of impact on the way people look at it. It has always been a fetish for the rich when it comes to pristine cutlery items or home décor articles but a sheer necessity for the poor since they would never be able to afford the other precious yellow metal, gold. There was a time when buying silver coins were affordable to even those with decent income and was not considered an over-rated affair. But now the scenario has changed, for the metal in a very positive way but for those wishing to buy more of it, the silver spot is becoming a luxury spot with each passing day. Earlier, even the stock market analysts did not give silver it’s due respect and now, they cannot stop but respect its stature and importance.

Silver and Gold:

Wondering why these two metals have been placed together? Well, it is to look at them as comparison to each other. Before 2011, the two metals were not compared for their place in the favourite list but now silver can compete equally. It is because silver has escalated itself to a very high pedestal. There is no denying that Gold too has risen but not half as much has silver. How? Well we will take a glimpse at some of the statistics. Here, we will look at the aforementioned two competitors as rivals. Gold saw its sudden new height in the 2000s when it took a sudden leap and became double of its earlier price, but what about silver? Has silver jumped as much? This should not even be a question because if gold has doubled itself, silver has increased by leaps and bounds and took a straight jump of over 67% of its earlier price. But the huge difference is in the measurement of the two metals, on the one hand where we price gold on a per ounce basis, we calculate the rate of silver on an per kilogram basis.

Spotting the silver:

The market analysts now cannot stop applauding this huge image makeover of the beautiful silver. They have rightly pointed out the very recent thing that we can see. The market recently saw an approximate 6.7% fall in the price of Gold, but this has left silver untouched. Silver has as a matter of fact, only become pricier. This trend has led to the stock analysts like Hubert Moolan, claim that, silver will keep touching newer peaks in the future. The price of silver the analysts claim, so do I, will not see a low in the near future.

Thus, the misty luster of silver is sure to glitter further and will keep the stock watchers on their heels. This lovely glitterer just keeps getting better with age just like we have started loving the old oxidized silver of the yesteryear in our mother’s and grandmother’s collections. As for those who keep silver spotting, I am sure they will through their speculations, will keep the silver linings getting glossier and will keep creating more and more demand for this metal. More the demand, more the supply, and when it has its sunny days, we too will enjoy seeing silver making the most hay.

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The author is an enthusiastic stock analyst with a good experience in the field. Since coming with a strong Economic analysis background, she is keen on studying and surveying the market and the way it treats the precious silver spot.

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Watching SILVER

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Watching SILVER

This article was published on 2013/03/20