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Silver cufflinks are one of the most popular cufflinks around, and probably the most in demand color too. They are also one of the most versatile and can be worn on almost all occasion - be it a casual or formal. It also goes well with most colors but it stands out best, of course, when matched with dark colored ones.

Silver cufflinks are actually silver-plated metal alloys. The metal alloy itself is durable and is finished well with silver coating.

The color gives it away - clean and shiny. It sparkles well especially when clean. They can be very simple, and yet stunning, which makes it an ideal pair of accessories for formal wear. Silver cuff links, together with gold and platinum cufflinks, are best worn on formal occasions, but the silvers are relatively cheaper compared to its contemporaries.

They come in many designs too. In fact, there are so many things you can do with silver cufflinks. Its base color serves as a perfect canvass for adding other designs on the cufflinks. They usually come in classic shapes like circle, square, and rectangle. They combine well with other materials such as precious and semi precious stones. As result you get to see diamond-studded silver cufflinks and gem-embedded cufflinks.

Silver cuff links also combine well with other colors. If the other elements are obviously dominant on the design, they are generally considered then as silver-based cufflinks. For example, there are silver framed cufflinks. Precious and semi-precious stones, by the way, also add color to the rather simple silver pair.

As a rule in cufflinks, the simpler the design, the more classic it is. The more conservative the design, the more formal it is. Silver cufflinks as it is - solid, or studded silver cufflinks, both look great. Various materials add more elegance on silver cufflinks then.

The price also varies, largely depending on the finish, or brand name, and other additional materials embedded therein. They can also be easily customized which makes them great gift ideas - especially common as groomsmen gifts. Ideally, custom silver cufflinks are simply monogrammed or engraved (with the intended recipient's initials) to have an instant pair of personalized accessories.

Novelty silver cuff links are quite common too - some are shaped as airplanes, baseball, rugby ball, basketball, rocket ship, cruiser, cars, etc. - given whatever theme may be - but they still retain that sophisticated look. Would you know, there even had Obama 2008 silver cuff links? These sets are purposely designed to be worn in support of President Obama's presidency campaign then.

Note that, cufflinks, as with other jewelry, are prone to wear and tear. Silver cuff links in particular, can easily develop tarnish. Stains are also inevitable. Fortunately, silver cufflinks are easy ones to clean. Occasionally, wiping them with soft cotton fabric or jewelry cloth will prevent dust from building up. A professional jewelry cleaner can instantly do the trick. To be able to preserve your cufflinks, you should keep them clean at all time.

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Silver Cufflinks

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This article was published on 2010/03/31