Golden Tips for Cleaning Silver

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Silver is a beautiful metal, known and used thousand years ago, for making of different utensils, ornaments and coins. It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity. This precious metal is the basis of some monetary systems and has been used for trade. Even if you didn't win a medal from the Olympic Games in London, it is useful to know the golden cleaning tips for silver. 

Silver jewellery is not only beautiful, but also versatile and affordable. If you're a fan of silver, you must be aware of the proper cleaning and maintenance, in order to keep your favourite jewelry shiny. 

Silver is pretty fragile, when compared to other precious metals. It will develop stains and tarnish with time, especially if you wear it seldom. It is prone to scratches and we have to protect it properly, to be able to preserve it longer. 

An smart tip shared by professional cleaners: You can easily clean your favourite silver jewellery, using common house products like baking soda and toothpaste. 

Baking soda is known for it's ability to remove stubborn tarnish. There are two ways to clean silver with it. 

1.Make a mixture from warm water and baking soda with the consistence of a paste. Take a soft cloth and gently rub the silver. Be careful not to brush too hard, because baking soda can be abrasive and scratch your jewellery's surface. 

2.Put a bowl with water to boil, add the soda to the boiling water and place the silver jewellery into the bowl. The amount of baking soda depends on the number of jewellery you want to clean and protect from tarnishing. If there are many pieces, you'll need at least 2-3 tablespoons. 

Another easy way to clean your silver jewellery involves the use of toothpaste. Take normal white-coloured toothpaste (without whitening qualities, no gel)and put it on a soft cloth. Gently polish your silver piece. You can also wet the item and put the paste directly on the surface to polish with back and forth motions. If you notice any scratching, be sure to rinse it off immediately. 

Believe it or not, soft drinks like Coca Cola and 7up can do miracles with tarnished silver, due to  the acid in them. All dirt particles will be removed and your silver items will be shiny, like you bought them yesterday. No risk of scratches or other damages. London cleaning recommend soaking the piece in a cup and wait for the miracle to happen.

A frequent cleaning is not the only thing you can do, to maintain your silver jewellery. Don't forget to store it properly. Avoid wetting it, especially with mineral water. If that happens, just dry it right away, to avoid stains and tarnish. Professional cleaners Ascot, who are aware of all the golden cleaning tips for silver, recommend not to store silver in a humid place or together with paint, steel or rubber, due to the fact that silver is used as catalysis and can easily cause an unwanted chemical reaction. 



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Golden Tips for Cleaning Silver

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Golden Tips for Cleaning Silver

This article was published on 2013/04/26