90210 ‘Strange Brew’ Review

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In this episode of 90210, Naomi makes an attempt at getting together with Mark, during their restaurant opening, while Adrianna and Silver cook up conflicting ideas for their food truck, but agree finally on filmmaking.

Annie’s feelings for Liam become a distraction to her book, and she is forced to rewrite the ending hoping that the same will happen in real life too.

Naomi and Mark’s work on the restaurant together does not get them closer personally, so Silver advices Naomi to meet Mark somewhere outside, without the distraction of the workplace. Her offer to Mark about their living together is stalled by Annie, who wants Mark to stay at her place to act as a shield for her feelings on Liam.

Naomi then tries a fun trip with Mark, and finds that they both cannot relate to each other at any level at all. While Mark wants the opening to be a small event with only family and friends, Naomi has already ended up inviting over 100 people for the event. The chaos at the restaurant puts a further gap between the two, and Naomi wants Mark to split the partnership. Then she gets sick on eating some dessert. Mark rescues her by immediately giving her a remedy. Both find that they are allergic to the same food and they finally get together.

Annie’s feelings for Liam gets stronger and she wants him to stop expecting miracles, and instead focus on his purpose in life. She meets up with the book publishers, who tell her to change her book ending. They think it is her own life story and wants her to join with Liam. When Annie hears Silver’s love story, it stirs her to look for Liam and tell him about her love. But Liam is drunk and does not hear her confession. Annie changes the ending, which the publishers approve of.

Ade and Silver come up with bizarre ideas for their truck, which includes a mobile psychic, travelling masseuse and a dog grooming truck. Silver goes to Dixon’s studio to get some fresh ideas. He reminds her dream of filmmaking. So the idea of turning the truck into a studio takes shape. Both Silver and Ade try their best to make it get going.

At the restaurant, Naomi wants Michaela to perform early. Silver sees Michaela and gets to know about her and Dixon’s plans. Silver is not happy and she tells Dixon that he is a selfish person. Ade commends Silver on her helping Michaela and Silver gets to see a video, which has Dixon saying sorry. He asks Silver to direct the first video of Michaela.

Liam’s efforts at becoming an hotelier fail miserably. Dixon helps him find his hold, when he mentions about the surfboard that Liam had made. Campbell asks Navid give him time with his ex, while he went out with his fiancée Sonja. The engagement is broken up soon and Campbell gets expelled from Cronus.

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90210 ‘Strange Brew’ Review

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90210 ‘Strange Brew’ Review

This article was published on 2013/03/20